Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#metoo Sexual Abuse in the Churches of God

A person would have to be blind lately to all of the issues plaguing Hollywood directors and studio heads who have molested, sexually assaulted and raped women in the industry.  As the issue explodes on the news, more and more women are coming forward stating that they too had been assaulted or raped.

This is not isolated to the film industry but seems to be an issue across the board to even include the military and the Churches of God.

Church of God members are always quick to say nothing like this would ever happen in the true church, but it did and still does, even in 2017.

From Herbert Armstrong's incestuous assaults of his daughter to Garner Ted raping and bragging about illicit sex with 200 plus coeds, to ministers stalking women, peering in bathroom windows, raping women, teenage girls and small children.

Facebook is filled with stories right now by women who are XCG members and who are sharing their stories about being raped, assaulted or molested by ministers, fellow church members or family members.  In many of the cases, they report that the ministry was told and did absolutely nothing, except some the person who had been molested or raped.

PCG is notorious for this.  They will suspend a man for a few weeks and then let them back in or totally ignore the situation.  Many of the ministers in the PCG ministry should be in prison.

United Church of God has had similar issues.  One even took her stalker to court and UCG ministers and members lied under oath and tried to blame the women.

Worldwide Church of God was a cesspool of women's abuse.  Some of the abusers were kicked out, others let back in, and in every single case, nothing was done for the woman assaulted.  No counseling, NOTHING, other than trying to place blame on her.

Numerous Church of God ministers, elders, and church members are currently in prison for doing such things and it will not stop, unfortunately.  Some in the church will say that this is the result of "broken men living in a broken world" and that we should go easy on them and let God handle it all later.

How many Church of God women need to be assaulted and raped before the church leaders do something?

Self-Appointed COG False Prophet Now Authority on Super Volcanoes

Where would the Church of God be today without deluded self-appointed false prophets wetting their pants over end time events?  Leave it to Almost-ordained Bob Thiel to carry on that tradition.  He even has to brag that he is standing on top of a supervolcano!  Scary!  

Waving his Bible in the air, the Elijah wannabe speaks about super volcanoes, geothermal energy and the end times:

"Are supervolcanoes, such as Yellowstone in the USA or various ones in New Zealand a real threat? If so, what type of threat? Are supervolcano issues consistent with biblical prophecies? If so, which ones? Could the eruption of a supervolcano make the USA, New Zealand, or other lands vulnerable to takeover in the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). Dr. Thiel answers these questions while standing a top of a supervolcano in a geothermal area of Rotorua, New Zealand. A written article of related interest may be "Are supervolcanoes are a real threat?""

Between volcano's and wayward planet Nibiru, what is a poor prophet to do?

Never fear, Elisha Thiel knows!

"I have warned that the USA could be hit with a ‘perfect storm’ of events and disaster that could weaken it during the ‘beginning of sorrows’ so that it would be easier for it to be taken over at the start of the Great Tribulation. Now, we see that the space agency NASA sees Yellowstone as a serious risk. And while some will scoff and say that the probability is too low, less statistically ‘probable’ events have happened. Plus, because of the decline in morality in the USA, destructive events are going to hit it.

Of course, it is not just North America that could be affected by supervolcanoes, or the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

There are volcanoes in many parts of the world and nearly all can cause major problems. But as Yellowstone is in the USA, it would be those in the USA, and probably Canada, that would be the most affected by it should it erupt."

He ends with this dire warning:
Things will not remain as they have. Yellowstone could erupt. Elements will melt. Get your spiritual life in order.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...the never-ending story through which all COG false prophets qualify their statements.