Sunday, February 19, 2017

They Will Soon Succumb To My Awesomeness!

From a reader....

World is too stupid to know that Jesus created the Internet for the COG's!

UPDATE from Lee Clark see comment below.

This post was from December 24, 2016

More nonsense from Lee Clark:

God created the Internet for the Gospel

I am absolutely convinced that this is a massive door that Jesus Christ has swung open on an unsuspecting world to get His final warning message out to a suicidal planet!! And if Jesus Himself has unlocked this door, then NO MAN CAN SHUT IT!! It will only be shut when Jesus Himself decides to shut it, and then no man will be able to open it!! So we can look to the Philadelphian letter and take courage in the fact that it is God Himself who has opened this door! No man can shut it on us, so we can walk through it with courage and confidence!
This reminds me of the nonsense that the church taught about the printing press and airplanes.

It was widely taught that the printing press was created for the sole purpose of HWA printing all of his booklets, magazines and books.  Any other type of book is just peripheral nonsense compared to the truth of HWA.

Once Herb started gallivanting around the world after the death of his wife Loma, he started claiming that airplanes were created for the express purpose of the apostle to be able to fly to the ends of the earth with the "gospel"message.

Both claims are entirely false, as is Lee Clark's claim about the Internet.

Wanted: Deacons, Elders and Ministers...Endless Job Opportunites

Have you ever wanted to be over your own church ready made area?  The superfantabulous Church of God is on the look out for deacons, elders and ministers right now.  They will soon be ordained to pastor the hundreds of thousands of COG members and public who will soon join Dave Pack's Restored Church of God.  Send in you resume's!

So here is the other thing—the other assignment you have along with praying for more laborers—what if God wants YOU to be one of those laborers? Because in a few months, again, if the Kingdom doesn’t come relatively soon, we’re going to need a lot of laborers because things could really take off…because I also know where the budget is going a little bit down the line, not just this month and let’s say next month’s jump. So I’ll leave you with those inspiring thoughts. Anybody that wants to be in any other church is led by some other spirit, I can tell you that.
We absolutely are going to need leaders, and we have a lot of fine men coming along. Some of you men out there, keep your eyes open, keep your ears open to the fact that we might be ringing your phone one of these minutes and talking to you about what we think could be your potential. So I’ll just tell you those things. We are scouring the landscape, as we’re supposed to do. If we’re going to be diligent to know the estate of the flock, we had better know something about the estate of shepherds that Christ would send.
If we’re praying for laborers in the harvest, there better be part of our plan that’s looking for those laborers, unless we just don’t think Christ meant what He said. And if we do believe Him and we’re praying about it…and some of you may be trying to grow in every way you can…so that IF God wanted to use you in some role, then we ought to have a plan to kind of search you out or see where Christ has provided people in every corner of the world. Well, I’ll leave you with that. I hope you find that exciting.

Dave Pack Will Soon Be Converting Scores of Muslims Throughout The Arab World

Dave is setting his sights on converting hundreds of thousands of Arabs in all of the various Arab nations.  They will be coming over to the dark side as they join forces with Dave. There is only one Church of God on the entire earth who has the capability of converting these Muslims and it is NOT the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. It is Super Dave to the rescue once again with his superfantabulous message.

God’s people at that time…“Then let them which are in Judaea [get] to the mountains…[I’ve been to Jerusalem. I’ve been all around it. I’ve taken walks. It’s surrounded by mountains. Get out of Jerusalem and even get out of Judea, if you can. And this is a curious statement]…and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto” (vs. 21). No one could ever explain that. I never could. Who would want to go there?
Why would any of God’s people be right around Jerusalem and want to go in there? How are we going to have a lot of people in the Church in Jordan? Nobody ever understood that. How could you have a lot of people in the Church in Egypt? That’s never happened. How could a lot of people in the Church in Lebanon and Syria? Huh? Who are the countries right around where God’s people would be told, “Don’t go in there”?
We never had any brethren in any of those countries. Saudi Arabia…are you kidding me? Or any of the countries there. How does that apply? This a giant question—that’s now answered—that I could never answer. I just had to read past it. The answer is, in the first phase of the Kingdom, there will beconverted people all through Jordan…because they’re “all nations”…and in Egypt, and in Saudi Arabia, and in Lebanon, and in Syria, and every nearby country. In a time of amazing trouble, though, God is going to call a people—Palestinians; others. Now we can understand.
Under Mr. Armstrong there was never anybody in those countries, unless they were sent from Worldwide to go work in Jordan. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a soul in those countries or any of the other countries around. Throw in Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates…how far should we go? Turkey. We never had any brethren in those areas. They’re Islamic and the odds that you could send them there—with jihadis everywhere now—somehow, and do it now—the Restored Church of God could do it—is impossible to believe. And yet, God is warning people in the countries around Judea, don’t go in there—and if you’re there, get out.
There have to be great numbers of people—or, at least, some—in all the countries around Jerusalem, who are converted. Yes, the first phase of the Kingdom—when sheep and goats from all nations are gathered—at the end of that period. Now, it makes sense. For 50 years, it didn’t. That’s before most of you in this room were born. Why would God be warning Muslims, don’t enter into Jerusalem? Muslim don’t even read this! They don’t believe it! Would He be warning worldly Christians? Would He be warning…you know…tourists? No, He’s warning God’s people, who are in the countries around Jerusalem. But there are none today and never have been. But there will be in the first phase of the Kingdom. Isn’t that amazing? Another great question. Put it on your list of questions that have been answered..